Modification of bridge crane GJMJ 16t/22,5m - addition of hoist GHM 2001

Year of realization 2020
Customer NIEHOFF (CZ), s.r.o.
Place of installation Production plant of NIEHOFF (CZ), s.r.o., Nymburk
Range od delivery
Complete the existing bridge crane GIGA type GJMJ 16t/22,5m with a second hoist with a capacity of 2t with a possibility of synchroneous and separate operation of the both hoists.
  • The existing bridge crane GIGA type GJMJ 16t/22,5m is completed with a second hoist with a capacity of 2t and second electric switchboard.
  • The both hoists of the modified crane are operated by a new radio control set with two-position  joysticks with a possibility to choose an operation mode: hoist 1 / hoists 1+2 / hoist 2.
  • It is possiblt to use the both lifts at the same time and independently (one - down, the second - up, etc.) and move one hoist travel, while the second one will fix the poistion of the load, which will be important for safety rotation of a load with a weight up to 2t.
  • Accordingly, the existing independent pendant station is modified. But the pendant station doesn't enable control the hoist in a reverse mode of lifts (one - down, and the second - up).
  • To provide feeding of the new 2t hoist, the crane is completed with a second festoon cable power supply line (on the opposite side of the crane bridge compared to the "old" hoist).
  • The maximum crane lifting capacity (16t) is not changed after competing it with a new hoist.
  • Development of new documentation, change of crane marking. Check of electric wiring. Testing of the modified crane.

Mostový žeriav GJMJ 16t/22,5m po úprave

5655-1 s novou kockou5655-2 s novou kockou5655-3 s novou kockou5655-4 novy kladkostroj5655-5 novy kladkostroj5655-6 umisteni rozvadecu5655-7 rozvadec5655-8 radio5655-9 rozvadec