Displacement and reconstruction of crane SNINA 5t-22,2m to 10t-22,2m for NYPRO Malé Svatoňovice

Year or realization 2011
Customer NYPRO hutní prodej, a.s.
Place of installation Production plant of NYPRO hutní prodej, a.s. Malé Svatoňovice 
Range of delivery
Reconstruction of crane VIHORLAT Snina 5t/22,2m to 10t/22,2m and its installation (displacement) to another crane way
- Displacement of the crane
- Demounting of the existing hoist and electric wiring.
- Only bridges and end carriages remain original.
- New travel wheels of 500mm and new geared motors (power - 2x5,5 kW). 
- Nosnost jeřábu je zvýšena na 10.000 kg.
- New wire-rope hoist GSF 5025-12-4x2/1-33M,D,2B with rope stabilization on a traverse by means of trasnsferring drums an 4 pulleys on the traverse.
   - lifting capacity: 10000kg
   - lifting speed: 0.32 – 8 - 24 m/min – stepless torque regulation of lifting speed (i.e. 0.32-8m/min with a full load of 10t, and 0.32-24 m/min with a lower load; the lifting motor communicates with a frequency inverter and depending of the load, it allows maximum lifting speed)
   - travel speed: 0-32 m/min with brake – stepless speed regulation
- New electric switchboard.
- Complete new festoon cable system and new wiring, trolley current collectores.
- Crane controle is provided by remote control of HBC type with prepared control elements for the magnet traverse.

Pôvodný žeriav SNINA 5t-22,2m


Rekonštrukcia mostového žeriavu na 10t-22,2m

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