Bridge Crane GDMJ 30t/22,8m with tongs for rolls for PRAGMET

Year of realization 2019
Customer PKD, s.r.o., Dačice
Place of installation Production hall of PRAGMET, a.s., Benátky nad Jizerou
Range of delivery
Delivery and mounting of a GIGA double girder bridge crane, type GDMJ 30t/22,8m 
Span: 22,8m
Lifting capacity: 30t
Crane group classification: A6
Is equiépped with a GIGA hoist, type GHM 40000-20-2x4/1-9M,D
Lifting height: 9m
Lifting speed: 1,2/5 m/min - with micro-speed
Hoist travel speed: 0...25 m/min
Crane travel speed: 0...40 m/min
Control: radio with two-position joysticks, with a sling for the fixation around a waist
The crane is equipped with telescopic tongs for rolls
The tongs are equipped with additional technological scales. The scales are based on 4 force sensors, which are inbuilt into the hoist structure. 

Expedícia žeriava GDMJ 30t/22,8m pre Pragmet

GDMJ 30t-22,8m_5426-19_Pragmet_expedicia_1GDMJ 30t-22,8m_5426-19_Pragmet_expedicia_2GDMJ 30t-22,8m_5426-19_Pragmet_expedicia_3

Žeriav GDMJ 30t/22,8m v činnosti

GDMJ 30t-22,8m_5426-19_Pragmet_prevadzka_1GDMJ 30t-22,8m_5426-19_Pragmet_prevadzka_2GDMJ 30t-22,8m_5426-19_Pragmet_prevadzka_3GDMJ 30t-22,8m_5426-19_Pragmet_prevadzka_4GDMJ 30t-22,8m_5426-19_Pragmet_prevadzka_5GDMJ 30t-22,8m_5426-19_Pragmet_prevadzka_6